User Fees



Tools Manufacturer Academic rate
(per Hour)
Industrial rate (per Hour)
IV/Spectral Response System Neonsee $60/hr $180/hr
EQE System Enli $60/hr $180/hr
Micro PCD Semilab $60/hr $180/hr
Sinton Lifetime Tester, Suns-Voc Sinton $60/hr $180/hr
Ex-situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (Sopra) SOPRA $60/hr $180/hr
Vacuum-Cryostat Optoelectrical Characterization UT $60/hr $180/hr
Nanometrics Hall Characterization Station Nanometrics $60/hr $180/hr
2/4-Point Conductivity Measurement Probe UT $60/hr $180/hr
Keithley Electrical Characterization Station Keithley $60/hr $180/hr
Profilometer Tencor $30/hr $90/hr
Optical Microscope (Leica) Leica $30/hr $90/hr
Photoluminescence Facility (c/w Ar and other lasers, goniometer) Custom $50/hr $150/hr
Optoelectronic Characterization Facility Custom $50/hr $150/hr
Probe Station (2 and 4 point electrical characterization facility
with Keithley 4200 source measuring units)
MPI $60/hr $180/hr
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Lamda) Perkin Elmer $30/hr $9/hr
Light Soaking/Aging/Exposure System Custom $25/hr $75/hr
UV Lamp Exposure System Custom $25/hr $75/hr




Tool Manufacturer Academic Industrial
Laser micro-machining system  Newport/Optek  $60/hr $180/hr
Spinner Laurell Tech  $25/hr $75/hr
Multi-target DC/RF Sputtering System (4 target, co-sputtering,
reactive, cryopumped, heated substrate 250C, load-lock) 
Custom  $90/hr $270/hr
E-Beam Thermal Evaporation System (4 pocket, cryopumped,
cooled substrate, load-lock)
Kurt J. Lesker  $90/hr $270/hr
Gen 1.2 DCSF-RF Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition
System amorphous carbon, diamond-like, polymeric-like, metallo-organic) 
Torrovap $90/hr $270/hr
Gen 2.1, DCSF Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition System
(multi-grid system, amorphous silicon (intrinsic, doped)) 
Komag, Torrovap $90/hr $270/hr
Gen 2.2, RF Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition System
(multi-grid system, amorphous silicon (intrinsic, doped), hydrogen/deuterium plasma)
Torrovap $90/hr $270/hr
Gen 2.3, DCSF-RF Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Depsotion System
(c/w In-situ Diagnositcs, hydrocarbon films, diamond, graphene)
Torrovap $90/hr $270/hr
Gen 3.1, RF Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition - Sputter
Deposition Cluster Thin Film Deposition Facility (8 port, load-lock, annealing, intrinsic aSi, n-aSi, p-aSi, sputtering, 156 mm square platform)
MVS $90/hr $270/hr
AIMS Facility - Advanced Integrated Materials Synthesis (PVD: nanogen,
core-shell, quadrupole size selection, sputtering, soft e-beam, GLAD; CVD: atomizer, ionizer) 
Mantis $125/hr $375/hr
Hot Plate   $25/hr $75/hr
Wet Bench   $40/hr $120/hr
Ozone Oxygen Ambient Oxidation System  Custom  $50/hr $150/hr

Additional Fess

Overhead of 40% applies on external/industrial jobs. Additional nominal support fees also apply in proportion to the extent of the use of the facilities.